The Significance Of Headshot Photography Services

Have you ever wondered why most brochures and websites have pictures of their staff members? Even if it's not mandatory, many business owners want to present themselves as companies that hire only the brightest minds. The best way to accomplish this is by hiring a professional Headshot photographer.

About Headshot Photography

If you are looking at this page, you are already taking an important step in your continued success! Maintaining a current, professional headshot will keep you at the forefront of a  crowded job market. We will make sure you stand out from the rest by capturing your individual,  unique personality and we will make it a great experience for you.  


Standard Headshot $249 • Up to 1 hour of photography including 1 fully retouched digital file that you will choose before you leave. All images will be waist-up and are perfect for Linkedin, business cards, and your website. We encourage you to bring  2-3 different looks with you 

Professional Headshot $399 • Up to 2 hours of photography including 2 fully retouched images that you will choose before you leave. We encourage you to bring 3-5  different looks and you will have a variety of images to choose from including waist-up, ¾, and full-length images. 


Need more than 1 or 2 images? 

No problem! You can always purchase more.  

Medium res gallery $349 • Downloadable gallery of all images from your  session in medium resolution, no retouching

Hi-res gallery $599 • Downloadable gallery of all images from your  session in hi-resolution, no retouching 

Single hi-res retouched image (1 to 4 images) $99 5 hi-res retouched images $419 10 hi-res retouched images $749

Why Use Professional Corporate Headshot Photography Services?

Business headshot photography has been popular in America for quite some time now. To assist you in your decision of hiring a Headshot photographer, here are some of the reasons why you need one:

  • Headshots are essential for job seekers. Before an individual can apply for a position in any company, they must have a set of Headshots ready to be handed out to hiring managers and HR personnel. Headshots are such a big deal that some employers ask for Headshot samples before even interviewing the applicants.
  • Headshots are also crucial to companies looking for new employees. Headshots help interested candidates decide if the position is right for them and can be used by companies who need to narrow down their lists of possible hires.
  • Headshots are also used by individuals looking to land on prestigious boards of directors or other top positions in big companies. These people need Headshots to make them look suitable for their portfolios.
  • Headshots also help the hiring people remember who they are and why they'd be perfect for the desired position. Headshot photography is such a big deal now that some universities require Headshots as part of admission requirements.
  • Headshot photos can serve as reminders of who or what companies have helped them. Headshot photographers become valuable assets that corporate companies can use to build their brands and promote their products.

Professional Headshot photography is crucial in this competitive business world. So, hiring a Headshot photographer should be at the top of your to-do list if you're in a similar field.

The Best Headshot Photographer Near You

Are you looking for an experienced business headshot photographer in Texas? Your search ends here at Albertex Photography.

Albertex Photography is a photography service business operated by a team of experienced, skilled, and talented photographers. When it comes to photography services for headshots and corporate events, you can rely on.

At Albertex Photography, we have the best photographer for your photography needs. We can assure you that your headshots will be absolutely stunning and professional at the same time.

We would love you to use our excellent & affordable headshot photography services. Whether you need headshots for your websites, business cards, or any marketing equipment, we can create the perfect headshot for you. Feel free to get in touch with us to talk about your needs & requirements.

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