“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” – Andy Warhol
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Corporate Photographer

What is Corporate Photography? Corporate Photography is one of the most  essential facets of photography, but also the least recognized. Corporate  Photography is more than just your standard stock photography, it encompasses  a wide variety of areas, including but not limited to, product and architectural  photography, trade shows, conventions, conferences, educational events and  lifestyle images around the workplace.  Images from these events have multiple  uses, such as internal reference materials, external promotion at job fairs, social  media and marketing.  With Corporate Photography we often work closely with  your marketing or human resources officers to follow a specific set of guidelines  and shot list to ensure that we are capturing everything you need for your  project.  Photo shoots can be completely planned and staged or may have some  fluidity to them, it depends on the scope of the project. Images are finished and  sometimes extensive retouching and compositing is required depending on the  desired outcome. Successful Corporate Photography also requires a highly  experience photographer who is able to adapt quickly to constantly changing  lighting situations, location restrictions and last minute changes to the scope of  the project.  Albertex Photography excels in all of these areas so give us a call  next time you need a Corporate Photographer! 

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Event Photographer

Event Photography applies to almost any type of event your company has ever  attended or hosted. This includes, company Christmas parties, customer  appreciation events, new-hire recruitment and training events, open houses, and  sales meetings just to name a few. There is some overlap with standard  Corporate Photography, but Event Photography is often more fluid as the goal is  to capture the people attending your event as well as the hosts, VIP guests and  keynote speakers as well as the overall ambience and design of your event. We  can work from a basic list of “must have” photos but there is also an unplanned  element as our photographers will roam throughout your event and capture  candid moments and personal interactions. Grip and grin photos, detail photos  of the décor and any related products, and action photos are all possible with  Event Photography. 

As stated earlier, Event Photography often overlaps with Corporate  Photography.  An increasing number of companies are choosing to keep a  portion of their workforce working remotely, so sometimes large corporate  events like company-wide sales meetings or conferences are the only time they  will have the majority of their workforce in one place.  If that is the case, we will  work with your team to cover everything you need including updating all of your  internal reference photos, your company headshot database, as well as all of  those engaging candid photos that bring life to your corporate communications 

and social media pages. Your next company sales meeting may be an ideal  opportunity to capture everything your marketing department has been asking  for!

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Headshot Photographer

When people think of Headshots, they often think of the standard old mottled  blue background with stiff smile, facing straight on to the camera and cropped to just your head and shoulders. While there will always be a need for this style of  headshot, it could be so much more! The corporate image is changing and with  that, your company headshots should change as well. We strive to maintain a  comprehensive database for all of our corporate clients so we can always match  the background and lighting from headshots we have done for you in previous  years. We are also happy to offer 2 different types of sessions – our Standard  Headshot Photography, which includes waist-up photos with a variety of outfits and  backgrounds and our Professional Headshot, which is a longer session that  provides a variety of full length, 3/4 and waist-up images with a selection of  outfits and backgrounds.  Whether you are a job-seeking looking to refresh your  corporate image, or a company who needs a larger volume of headshots, we  have got you covered! 

Team Photos are also available as a stand alone or with headshots, so whether  you want just one large group photo, several breakout groups, or all of that plus  individual headshots, we can accomplish that for you quickly and efficiently.  Our goal is to make your Team photos and Headshots as easy and effortless an  experience as possible.  Team composite photos are also available for companies  that are maintaining strict social distancing guidelines. Team photos and volume  headshots are available on location at your office or event, or in our studio - please enquire for more information. 

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Print on Site Photography

Print on Site Photography can add a whole new dimension to your event! Perfect  for Santa and Easter Bunny photos, celebrity meet-and-greets, step-and-repeats,  VIP recognition, green screen, Marketing and Promotional events and much,  much more! You name it, we have probably done Print on Site Photography for  it.  Print on Site Photography can be the main event or just one of many activities  you will have at your event. Some of the most popular uses are: 

  • Company parties – with or without green screen. Can be formal photos,  themed green screen photos, Santa Photos or anything else you can think  of. 
  • Company party with activities – are you bringing in elephants for your  employees to ride? Or maybe you have a batting coach from your local  MLB team on site at your company picnic to coach people? Something it  can be something as simple as a company recognition day to introduce  your new corporate logo and branding. Whatever the reason, having a 

personal photo printed immediately after the activity is a great souvenir  for your attendees to receive and it is a great way to build company  spirit. 

  • Fundraising and charity events – can be a thank you for all attendees, or  an incentivizing photo for top donors with a celebrity or other VIP. 
  • Company promotional event - perfect for internal and external events.   Internal events might include things like your annual company family day  or a promotion for your sales staff. External events are almost limitless – trade shows, festivals, promotional booths – anywhere that you want to  promote and increase your company’s brand.  We are also happy to  produce a custom step-and-repeat backdrop that you can use again and  again and again, with or without a Print on Site photo op. 
  • Sporting events – green screen photos with your company and/or sports  celebrity branding; exhibition games, golf tournaments – any sporting  event where you want to promote your company or brand. 

Many, many more… whatever you can think of, we can make it happen!

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Photo Booth & Virtual Booth

Add some fun to your event with a Photo Booth or Virtual Booth!  In recent  years, Photo Booths have become the standard addition to every type of event – Weddings, birthday parties, company Christmas parties, Quinceañeras,  Graduations… the list goes on and on. Photo Booths have become more than just  a fun thing to add to your party – they often act as a photo album, a guest book,  photos for company newsletters and social media just to name a few.  Photo  strips are printed immediately or you can choose to have the images emailed or  texted to your guests (or both!). For company’s and marketing events, we can  email a branded photo while capturing client email addresses to help build your  contact list.  

In the past year we have all had to learn to adapt, so we are also pleased to now  offer a Virtual Photo Booth.  The Virtual Booth can be booked alone or added on  to your in-person booth, the choice is yours. Our Virtual Booth can be accessed anywhere in the world and all your guests will need is a smart phone with email  access (texting available within the US and Canada).

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